Saturday, April 3, 2010

Las Vegas Strip

We went down the Vegas Strip yesterday. We saw the Luxor, N.Y, N.Y. ($15.oo to ride the roller coaster) and the MGM, with lions on display. We then went to M&M World, got to see a movie and 4 floors of stuff any were from $1.oo to $5,000.oo.
All along the strip there were people handing out cards to get girls sent to you in just minutes, as well as people dressed as pirates, living statues painted silver or gold that will only move for $$$ or doing magic.
For lunch we tried a Hollywood special PINK's Hot Dog's, famous for there great snap. They had tons of crazy toppings and combinations, we stayed with the theme and tried the Vegas Strip which was 2 hot dogs, mustard, chili, cheese, guacamole, but we left off the jalapenos. Messy but very good and only $7.50 shezzzzz.
The Bellagio was the best stop we saw, they have a large out door water show that is timed to music and runs every half hour and every 15 min after 8pm. Inside the lobby is about 300 large glass flowers that hang from the ceiling the size of a small kid. In the atrium they had a larger then life display of a garden with flowers and animals and us looking very small. Then it was off for a dessert snack, and what better place then Jean Philippe Patisserie which has the worlds largest chocolat fountain running through the Bellagio hotel. Hmmm $10.oo cup cakes, $6.50 mini lovelys which look way to good to eat, sorbet, or crepes. We got the $8.50 Exotic crepe which had mango, pineapple, passion fruit compote and a scoop of coconut sorbet. Yummy
For dinner we went a few blocks over to the Terrible's Casino, we had a coupon for a 2 for 1 $10.oo buffet, even got a free tee shirt. The food was good and had a Hawian, chinese style to it. Played a few dollars today at 2 of the casinos, but lady luck was not there...... Hmmm guess she needs to pass out cards along the street like the other ladys
Time to leave and start our way to Glenwood Springs / Aspen, CO area.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Hoover Dam and Shrimp Cocktails

We arrived in Boulder City NV and stopped to see Hoover Dam. It was huge and totally amazing. We stopped at a hotel/casino called "The Hasienda" did alittle gambling, watched a movie about the Hoover Dam, and had $0.99 shrimp cocktails. The cocktails were wonderful and large considering the low price. We learned alot about the building of the Hoover Dam from the movie.

On our way into the Hoover Dam we had to stop at a security site, they went into the camper and looked around and also looked in our under hatches. Not sure what or maybe who they were looking for. They just told us they would know it when they saw it, guess whatever it was we did not have it. They let us into the dam.

We stopped for the night at a Flying J and today we are off to see the M&M World in Las Vegas. We are having alot of fun in our travels, but still miss all the friends we left at home and the ones we have met along the way. (Especially the Cinnamon Man)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Time to Start the Journey Back HOME

Well we have been in Quartzsite for 2 ½ months enjoying the sun and it is finally time to start our 3,000 mile journey back home to our summer camp in Sherman, NY. It has been strange during this time to call home and hear about the snow we missed when we have only had sun and a few rain showers. We look forward to returning next winter, for we found 2 thrift stores that had great deals for 50 cents and one dollar.
We left around 11am on Tuesday after Airaday finished her last day of work at Sweet Darlene’s. Darla’s last day was a few days before that on Friday. We then headed about 40 miles down the road to Parker, AZ to do some Wal-mart shopping and cash in our casino points at the Blue Water Resort & Casino. We both earned $10.oo and used that money to go and see the movie “Training Your Dragon” at the casino theatre.
On Wednesday we went 50 miles down the road to Needles, CA to the Rainbo Beach Resort. This park is right on the Colorado River and has a pool and hot tub as well as a beach and boat dock. From what we are told they are quite the happening place in a few weeks and they claim to have a very nice $6.oo Prime Rib dinner on the weekends. We found this place because a good friend from our RVW camping group is just next door in another park. Today she came and got us and took us down the road about 20 miles to Avi Casino for they have a ½ roasted chicken dinner with beans, corn, soup or salad and pie for only $5.95…Yummy
On Thursday April 1st we head for the Hoover Dam and Las Vegas, NV.
The winds are picking up and a storm is brewing, so wish us luck going over the mountains.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It has been awhile, but we are still alive

It has been awhile since we last updated our blog, but we are still alive. We have just been very busy with work and our time in Quartzsite. On March 12 th we went to a hot springs to celebrate Darla's birthday. We have both been working at Sweet Darlene's restaurant. It has been very interesting to say the least. There is a great bakery here in Quartzsite, it is the Quartzsite Bakery, they have the best doughnuts, pastries and coconut macaroons. In two weeks we will be on the move again. We are going to Aspen and Denver Colorado then to South Dakota. After that we will be headed back home to Sherman NY and our camp family. We miss all of them, we are here in 80 degree weather and when we call home they always seem to be in a middle of snow. I guess all their snow is starting to melt though. We hope it is all gone by the time we get there in mid April, or at least by the time we have to drive over the mountains.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hanging out at Quartzsite, AZ at the Big RV Show

We arrived in Quartzsite AZ on Friday January 15th. We stayed at Casa Del Sol for 4 days, to get acquainted with the town and get the camper charged up and ready to dry camp in the desert with our RVW friends. We went site seeing and stopped at Reader’s Oasis Books and met the owner, who gave us a small concert on the piano. He can be found at the bookstore everyday, and wears nothing but a thong most days. On the days he has more then that on, it is just a jacket. He has over 80,000 books and knows them all. Airaday found a job at Sweet Darlene’s Restaurant, cooking eggs 5am-2pm.
On the 19th we headed out to the desert, at Road Runner Mile Marker 99 BLM long term land. We met all kinds of really nice women, who are members of RVW. The weather was rainy and on Thursday night the 21st a storm came through with 70mph winds. We survived the storm, but a few of the other campers had small problems. Airaday and I used the opportunity to help people out and make some more friends. It turned into a nice bonding experience, but a few pulled out early because the storm was too much for them. On Friday night we went out with some of the girls to a fish fry. There was no seating left inside the building, so we were sat in a make shift tent that had live music. I think we got the better deal; we had entertainment while we ate.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Resting in Phoenix AZ

We are staying 2 nights in Phoenix AZ at Covered Wagon RV Park. We are getting the camper, and ourselves, ready for Quartzsite. We did some shopping, cooking, and much needed cleaning to the camper. It is beautiful weather here, it is 8:10pm Wed. Jan. 13th and it is 66 degrees. The park is small, downtown, older hookups, and they charge to take showers. We are glad we have a shower in our camper. They have a pool that is open year round, but the water seems a little chilly. The price is good though, all the other parks around the area are $10-$15 higher. Plus we have a beautiful sunset and oranges growing next to us. *** We will try to post more often, but Quartzsite is dry camping, no electric and maybe no internet.

Pictures from the Grand Canyon